Today I want to touch on something that has been severely bothering me over this past year.

I have done alot this year, a hell of alot. At the beginning of the year I went on a holiday to two countries, followed by completion of the most challenging semester yet of my degree, then I threw it in for a semester off because I felt the need to see the ‘real world’. That part surely happened, myself and the person at the beginning of the year now appear almost worlds apart in our thoughts.

My travels led me to get a job in London, verge around Europe, fall in love, fall out of love, and realise that I am potentially even more lost than when I started. All in the short span of four months.

Aside from the debt accumulated, of which I now must find a fulltime job to fix, I don’t regret a second of it.

The only thing is, I still find myself comparing myself to others? Is anybody else finding with age, that as the years go on, there is a pressuring presence to compare. Something that I find myself battling with on the daily.

It’s like a battle between choosing to do what I really want, in my authentic self, and comparing my situation to someone else’s. Anyone else’s who is more privileged. People began to notice it aswell, I once got told

“its like you are always trying to catch a feather that is blowing in the wind”


This dear friend of mine, who I had only met a week before, knew the crux of my inner strife more than I knew myself.

I am learning more and more each day, that when you compare, you transition into someone filled with envy rather than enjoying the beauty of each moment.

Seeing the world is a gift, but it can certainly change your perspective on life and what you want from this life. One thing is certain, you should never fall into the trap of viewing others lives from outside your own, because you might just feel the nagging urge to step into their shoes. Once you enter someone else’s shoes, your own may just get stolen.